Small Space. Huge Impact.

Client: Milo and the Bull

Category: Gym Design Design

Date: January 2019

For a case study in how to pack a big punch into a small training space, look no further than Milo. Every inch of the facility is completely considered. From the custom functional rig to the storage racks in all the unique nooks and crannies around the building.

As well as the main gym, Milo offers users yoga and pilates from their luxury studio space.

Jigsaw worked alongside George from Milo and the Bull to create a floorplan that maximised the space available for training on the floor. This was critical because the class capacity would directly impact the viability of the concept and profitability as a business.

Products from the Stealth Strength and Conditioning range make up most of the equipment in the space. The functional training rig has been designed to offer maximum functionality within a fairly small footprint. Including accessories like dipping, landmine and step attachments was an important strategy because these can easily be removed to create extra training space.

Stealth Functional Rig

Custom two-bay functional rig with pull-up stations and accessory attachments.

Free Weights and Strength Equipment

Supply of all free weights and accessory equipment.

Custom Branding and Storage Solutions

Tailored to size storage solutions that help maximise every inch at Milo.

Working with Jigsaw was a great experience from start to finish. They brought a lot of creative ideas about how we could make the most of the training space we had available. We wouldn’t have been able to achieve the efficiencies in how the gym is laid out without the support of Jigsaw.


George Lowe, Milo and the Bull

At Milo, the team pride are known for their signature low impact rowing sessions but their full timetable also consists of Rowing, Strength, Circuits, Yoga, Pilates and Open Gym. The studio space is also the backdrop for their recently launched Milo @ Home Digital offering.