Tom Robinson

Head of Visualisation


Tom (Robbo) is our Head of Design and Visualisation. Essentially, he takes our crazy concepts and drawings then transforms them into the visuals you see on the website and in our proposals. True to life visualisation is an important part in making sure our products and solutions deliver on our clients’ goals.

He has a wealth of technical expertise using powerful design and rendering software. (Sometimes, it sounds like his PC is about to drive out of the office when he gets it going).

As the self-confessed unluckiest team member, he can usually be found making a cuppa for his colleagues after drawing the short straw. Or doing biceps curls. Lots of bicep curls.

Our guy for...

Gym Design
3ds Max, VRay, and other fancy software...
3D Modelling
Product Rendering
Video Walkthroughs
Conspiracy Theories
Graphic Design

Contact info

+44 1704 828385
88 Ralphs Wife's Lane, Banks, Lancashire, PR9 8ER