Sam Marsh

Managing Director


Role: Managing Director

Sam is the boss and captain of this crazy ship.

Jigsaw Fitness was born from Sam’s University bedroom in 2013 and has grown to what it is today under his leadership. His background in Sports Science and Biomechanics combined with growing up in a household full of engineering explains largely how he’s ended up where he is today.

Combining this with his passion for sport and fitness makes running Jigsaw Sam’s dream job. He’ll be the first to tell you just how lucky he is!

Sam is a great person to have in your corner if you’re working on any fitness project. It’s appropriate that he’s a massive motor racing fan, as he goes at 150mph. All the damn time.

He's our guy for...

Product Design
Sports Science & Biomechanics
Fitness Industry
Fitness Concept Creation
Lazy Days & Taking it Slow

Contact info

+44 1704 828385
88 Ralphs Wife's Lane, Banks, Lancashire, PR9 8ER