What happens when one of the world's leading fitness brands thinks differently about group training concepts.

Client: Energie Group

Category: Concept & Product Design

Date: Ongoing

In an effort to diversify the gym experience in Energie clubs, Jigsaw worked with the training and development team to create a unique training concept for the central franchise to roll out across their clubs. 

The YARD concept is a group training initiative that combines a variety of training styles to create a memorable, highly diverse and engaging training experience for users of all demographics. Each class aims to deliver a high intensity, fun and challenging workout using a range of training tools.

The YARD concept aligns closely with Myzone to help coaches and athletes track intensity throughout the sessions. 

The YARD branding is a homage to the stripped back, traditional circuit-style movements that feature heavily in the classes. You can expect a lot of body-weight movements, medicine balls, boxing, suspension, and plyometric work within the YARD repetioire. 

To align with the branding Jigsaw supply custom chain-link fencing for the perimeter of each YARD zone along with the pieces of Jigsaw equipment.

YARD Boxing Frame

Custom designed boxing bag frame for each YARD site.

Boxing Glove Storage

Custom storage system for boxing gloves.

Upright TRX Mounts

Designed exclusively for Energie, Jigsaw supply floor-fixed TRX mounting poles.