We need to turn this squash court into a boutique studio. We have just over 6 weeks...

Client: BXR

Category: Custom Product Design

Date: June 2019

That was how the conversation that kick-started this project began.

Fitness First Cottons club became home to the first ROX Studio Concept. We created a unique boxing frame to suspend aqua bags through the newly lowered ceiling along with custom glove storage to facilitate a seamless experience during the innovative Run & Box training sessions.

The occupancy of the court went from 2 per hour to 12 per hour with the addition of a premium membership band.

The ROX Studio at Fitness First Cottons has to be one of the most impressive squash court conversion projects our industry has seen. The team went all-in with their efforts to transform the space into a fully-fledged boutique studio. This included dropping down a suspended ceiling (through which our aqua bag frame hangs).

Custom ROX Boxing Frame

Made-to-measure boxing frame, designed and installed to maximise the floor space and user capacity of the ROX studio.