With a bold, high-energy brand and training concept Flykick hit the boutique fitness scene with a bang back in 2019. They chose to work with Jigsaw for a full range of product and studio design features.

Client: Flykick, London

Category: Concept and Product Design

Date: June 2019

Vibrant, bold and energetic are the three words we’d use to describe Flykick. Their training model fuses high intensity, strength training and martial arts for an unforgettable workout. We provided custom boxing frames and bespoke benches, all designed in partnership with the team to complement their strong brand identity.

The signature Flykick workout is an hour-long session with six distinct portions. Warm Up, HIIT, stretching, kickboxing, core and cool down.

The team of expert coaches developed the concept as a result of what they felt was the untapped potential of class-based kickboxing in the fitness space. The tough workout the training provides combined with the great stress reliever made this concept ideal for their central Euston location in London.

Flykick Signature Studio Bench

Custom designed blue and white studio storage benches.

Bespoke Boxing Rig

Bespoke design Flykick boxing frame specifically designed for longer kickboxing bags.

Free Weights and Strength Accessories

Additional equipment for the storage benches and strength workout zones.

We really enjoyed working with Jigsaw on the Flykick project. We never once felt constrained by the items in a catalogue or the stock in a warehouse. Sam and the team empowered us to think anything was possible. When choosing a partner for the project, we found this flexibility and creativity really refreshing.


Ben Leonard-Kane, Founder – Flykick

The class concept at Flykick launched to a chorus of brilliant reviews. With the boutique market more competitive than ever, it’s hard to really stand out. Yet the team at Flykick created something exciting and fresh the delivered results in a completely novel way.

We had a great time working with the Flykick team to bring their vision to life and look forward to working on future projects with them.