Bison™ Colour Olympic Competition Bumper Plates 140kg Set

Bison Colour Competition plates have been further improved with richer, more vibrant colours, higher UV resistance and a greater resistance from scuffs or marks, meaning your plates look better for longer!

With a new colour screen printed design and logo, Wolverson's new look Olympic Competition Bison™ Bumper Plates are a stylish step up from our previous version.

Designed and tested to comply with all IWF standards, the new manufacturing process enables us to create a much cleaner lined plate, with a higher quality finish than previously. Each and every disc is calibrated to within weight tolerances of no more than +/- 10 grams of stated weight. Drop tested from a height of 2500mm more than 30000 times! 


Includes Pair of 10kg, 15kg, 20kg and 25kg