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We take care of every aspect of your future gym


Create an exciting idea of your perfect gym set to take off.                                                         


Make your club function perfectly with personalised gym design tailored to suit your desires.

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All the hassle of fitting and setting up your gym taken away; allowing you to take an overseeing role in the construction of your future gym. .  

Fitness Equipment

Choose from a wide variety of high quality gym equipment at discounted prices! To make your gym truly special.


Due to amazing partnerships with finance companies; choose a financing plan that suits you!


Every component to your gym we will provide at an unbeatable price so why go anywhere else?

create your future gym in a virtual reality preview

Kit your gym with customisable equipment

Perfect for creating your own gym

  • Will not have to go anywhere else for equipment.
  • Every item desined to fit your specific gym!
  • Huge variety of colour schemes to choose from.
  • Massive savings!
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Truly create a gym that you can be both proud of and benefit financiallly. By running every aspect of your gym through us, we make sure your gym is both fully functional and appealling to your target market; by creating a stunning design which screams quality at every level.

Free no obligation consultation 

Find out how to build your perfect gym! Our Mananging Director will speak to you over a video call in order to answer any questions you may have on our service. Furthermore, find out exactly what we can do for you to turn your dream gym into a reality. Why wait?


Premium Quality Guarantee

All our equipment is built within Great Britain to the highest standard as we continue to deliver towards our aim of bringing fun and excitement to fitness training with British engineering and design.