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We take care of every aspect of your future gym


Create an exciting idea of your perfect gym set to take off.                                                         


Make your club function perfectly with personalised gym design tailored to suit your desires.

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All the hassle of fititng and setting up your gym taken away; allowing you to take a overseeing role in the construction of your future gym. .  

Fitness Equipment

Choose from a wide variety of high quality gym equipment at discounted prices!To mak your gym truly special.


Due to amazing relationships with finance companies choose a financing plan that suits you!


Every component to your gym we will provide at an unbeatable price so why go anywhere else?.

Kit your gym with customisable equipment

Perfect for creating your own gym

  • Will not have to go anywhere else for equipment.
  • Every item desined to fit your specific gym!
  • Huge variety of colour schemes to choose from.
  • Massive savings!
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Unique Ambitions fulfilled

Truly create a gym that you can be both proud of and benefit financiallly. By running every aspect of your gym through us, we make sure your gym is both fully functional and appealling to your target market; by creating a stunning design which screams quality at every level.

Free no obligation consultation 

Find out how to build your perfect gym! Our Mananging Director will speak to you over a video call in order to answer any questions you may have on our service. Furthermore, find out exactly what we can do for you to turn your dream gym into a reality. Why wait?

What our customers think( get statement off each client)

Walter Nguyen


Be careful what you believe because that is what you will experience. Your belief system is a mechanism which is uniquely yours. It is powered by your desire and controlled by your thoughts and actions. In other words, your success is measured by the strength of your belief.

Fred Sims

Physical teacher

Millions of people world wide watch shows like “Who wants to be a Millionaire” or “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous”. The interesting thing is that everyone sitting on the couch with a bag of popcorn watching these shows are broke. Why? Because they are famous for sitting back and watching shows on other people being famous. How about we flick the switch in life from famous to focused. Stop dreaming of other people being famous and start being focused on your own destiny!

Emma Greer


“Making it your own” means experimenting with a good thought until you find a way to use it in your own recipe for motivation. Suppose, for example, you’re in a difficult situation and don’t feel like dealing with it. As you sit there, you play around with the idea of opportunity coming from difficulty. Fortunately, you discover that it pulls you out of your slump to think about yourself in the future, explaining to a friend how you turned the difficult situation to your advantage.

Ann Vasquez


One of my favourite things I like to watch is the bloopers and outtakes that are shown of mistakes made during the making of a movie. Most DVD’s have a section of outtakes to be viewed, and often they will set me off laughing, especially when you know what was supposed to happen. In one sense it seems strange to laugh at other people’s mistakes, and yet we all do it, and our enjoyment is not usually of malicious intent. We laugh because we can all relate and identify how much part of being human such bloopers are!

Tony Holland

Store Manager

Have you noticed how everybody takes it for granted a bad experience is automatically, unreservedly, unremittingly bad?It’s almost a given that winners only become winners after overcoming huge difficulties. And they overcome because they keep trying, keep learning how to control their own thinking until they become very good at it.

Cory Bailey


Yet our age increases with every day of our life. The fast pace of the world around us in fact makes us age faster. But, it is important to retain our youthful vigor, for it is only with young passion and energy that we can work towards success, enjoy a peaceful, healthy life, indulge ourselves in the pleasure of sex, and keep ourselves happy.

Essential Products

Must have products to start your gym.

Stealth Sled

The ARK sled is designed to get rid all of the annoying little floors with all others on the market;

- Easy remove plates

- Easy storage

- Easy to attached harness

- Beautiful full metallic finishes.

- Totally undetectable on radar... (OK... That may be a stretch)

This is Heading

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This is Heading

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Premium Quality Guarantee

All our equipment is built within Great Britain to the highest standard as we continue to deliver towards our aim of bringing fun and excitement to fitness training with British engineering and design.