Product Philosophy

It starts with a deep-rooted love of training and gyms. We value what we’re striving to build. If it doesn’t excite or inspire us were doing it wrong.

We love the challenge of solving unique problems for our clients. The best product always comes from truly understanding our client and collaborating with them to fuse our ideas and theirs.

Why Choose Jigsaw?

First Principles

We always try to apply first principles thinking to create elegant solutions. In engineering, elegance in a solution is found when a non-obvious method produces an outcome that’s both highly effective and simple.

When everyone else zigs…

We ask what the hell is a zig and what’s everyone doing that for?

Head Office

Our operations and steel equipment manufacture are 100% based in the UK. We work with carefully selected local partners all within 30 miles of our head office to create Jigsaw Fitness solutions.

If you’re around Southport and want to drop by to see the production line in action, get in touch.

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If you’d like to stop by and say hello to the team, drop us a message below and we’ll see what we can arrange!

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