Your Kit. Your Way.

Some of our best products have been those we designed in collaboration with clients. This partnership approach to product design helps us keep driving forwards with our finger on the industry pulse.

We have two in-house product design engineers, one CAD specialist and our lead manufacturing manager. This team combined with complete UK manufacturing lets us accelerate the development process. What can take some suppliers 6 months, we can deliver in 6 weeks.

Bespoke Benches for Bold Gyms

Custom Branding

We believe strongly that your equipment investment is about you and your business. That’s why we’re happy to take the time to tweak our off-the-shelf designs or to come up with completely new ones that are going to meet the needs of our business and your brand.

Unique design doesn’t need to mean higher risk. Our designers have the years of experience needed to make sure the best features from our past work can be combined with your bespoke requirements.

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If you’re looking for the team where no idea is too bold and no concept is too wild. You’ve come to the right place.

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